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For some tips to charge smartphones

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1. Display brightness

, hold down the
many people it may
know and apply
it. And yet this
does not work, the
display luminance or
brightness to be reduced,
either. The laptop system,
tabs apply.
II. Black wallpaper
, use the
AMOLED screen
of the phone in black or
colored wallpaper using the
low costs of the charges.
screen is the cost of lighting
in different colors behind.
the colorful wallpapers
will be light cost
increase, with the charge that
will cost.

3. Low-power mode

if your phone
Android 5 decimal zero
or the next version of
the operating system,
if you
like forehead. The
phone charge 15 percent
less than when the operating
system is automatically
switched on when a low-power
is. Android
marsamyalo version
of the ‘dose’ as a
new feature. Smartphone
reduced charges when the feature
phone to
hibernation mode
for a long time, and
that remain unused
apps closed.

4. Lock screen

notifications Turn on the
Smartphone charged
saving Another good
idea is the lock screen
notifications are turned on
hold. It repeatedly
opened the lock to
see notiphikisena
not. As a result, low-cost charge
will be.

5. Apps off after use

will not close properly
due to the many different
apps is turned on, which
is not noticed by many.
In particular, GPS and
Wi-fai in case
it happens. And
if these two apps launched
quickly ran out of charge. So
at the end of the apps

6. Download apps and

apps to download and
update the Wi-
Fi connection to use.
Mobile data usage
will cost more than the charge,
would be even higher than that.
In that case, high-speed
Wi-Fi connection
, and quickly
download apps and
will be updated.
Low cost mobile charge
will be.

7. Turn on Airplane Mode

Smartphone Airplane
mode, all without
wireless features turned off
it. The phone’s charging lower

8. Use the battery

the smartphone battery
is broken when the original
battery, try to use
either. Your phone
will be good and the charge
will be for a long time.Tips


Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features And Concept Design

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date,
Price, Specs, Features And
Concept DesignApple iPhone 8:
Apple has always been a
benchmark in making the
smartest phones and
immunizing them with lots of
features and quality material.
The next sensation in the market
is said to be theApple iPhone 8
and so here in this article we are
going to discuss about
theRelease Date, Price, Features,
Expected Specs and Concept
Design of this marvelous
smartphone.Buy Apple iPhone 8
– Click HereTalking about the
recent graphics, We just saw that
Apple iPhone 6andApple iPhone
6 Plus when they came out as a
big-big surprise and crossed
every record of the Sales Apple
ever made! No, DoubtiPhone 6
and iPhone 6 Pluswere both very
everyone in utter shock by
bringing out the big pieces to
hand. Now that, the iPhone 6
vibe has finally came to normal,
People are looking foriPhone
7andiPhone 8, thinking that What
would be the optimum one to go
for!Buy Apple iPhone 8 – Click
HereHere revealing you
everything about the coming
beast i8, Have a look:Buy Apple
iPhone 8 – Click HereThe Apple
iPhone Series“iPhone”stands for
“Interactive Phone”.Applehas
managed to keep the name and
impressed the customers with
awesomeservices while the price
paid for the services is a bit high.
But, at the end of the day,
TheiPhone 8
Specificationsandiphone 8
features will be amazing as they
have always been in “The Apple
iPhone Series” of theApple
Seriesends up making and
compensating for all the Price.
They come with a price-tag but
always lie in that amazing and
astounding Smart-phones. Apple
iPhone 7is all set on fire in
rumors and there is a lot time
for the release of iPhone 8. Now
moving to the point of here and
talking about the “Apple iPhone
8 Release Date, Specs, Features,
Price And Concept Images” that
are expected on the release
ofiPhone 8.Buy Apple iPhone 8 –
Click Here The Apple iPhone 8
Concept Images:The Apple
iPhone 8/7/6/5/4As the
Wikipedia says: “iPhone is a
series of smartphones designed
and marketed byApple Inc. It
runs Apple’s iOS mobile
operating system. The first
generation iPhone was released
on June 29, 2007; the most
recent iPhone models are the
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,
which were unveiled at a special
event onSeptember 9, 2014.
The iPhone 8 ans 8s are
expected to arrive in Quarter-4
of 2017.The user interface is
built around the device’s multi-
touch screen, including a virtual
keyboard. The iPhone has Wi-Fi
and can connect to many cellular
networks, including1xRTT
(represented by a 1x on the
status bar) andGPRS(shown as
GPRS on the status bar),EDGE
(shown as a capital E on the
status bar),UMTSandEV-DO
(shown as 3G), a faster version
ofUMTSand4G(shown as a 4G
symbol on the status bar),
andLTE(shown as LTE on the
status bar). An iPhone can shoot
video (though this was not a
standard feature until the iPhone
3GS), take photos, play music,
send and receive email, browse
the web, send texts, GPS
navigation, record notes, do
mathematical calculations, and
receive visual voicemail.Other
functions—video games,
reference works, social
networking, etc.—can be
enabled by downloading
application programs (‘apps’); as
of October 2013, the App Store
offered more than one million
apps by Samsung S7 and Third
Parties and is ranked as the
world’s second largest mobile
software distribution network of
its kind (by number of currently
available applications).There are
eight generations
ofiPhonemodels, each
accompanied by one of the eight
major releases ofiOS.” Source :
WikipediaApple iPhone 8 Concept
ImageCredit : Anonymous
DesignerApple iPhone 8 SpecsAs
what we are talking about is:
Apple iPhone 8. So, theiPhone 8
Specifications and Featuresare
expected to be withAwesome
Specsand with High-End
Features. Apple always comes up
with something very unique and
durable. They don’t concern
about giving much but for giving
the best in the particulars.Buy
Apple iPhone8 – Click HereKnow
them here: But wait!As, There
are no official words from the
company about theApple iphone
8,so we can’t say anything
surely. But we canpredict thing
from the rumors about
theiPhone 7and the trends and
estimates in the AppleiPhone 6,
iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 5sthat
are on the fire on the web. Let’s
take a look at the specifications
of the deviceiphone 8and the
past gamers a bit in more
depth.We provide all this
information on the basis of Past
years trend and the scope with
which the company improves
with every new iPhone in the
Series. Get the specifications
ofApple iPhone 6, 7 & 8here:
Video on Apple iPhone 8
Concept ImagesiPhone 8
Feature- Specs Table:Here is a
table on Specs and Features
ofiPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus,
The detaileddescription of the
table’s Specs and Features are
described below following the
table:Specifications &
FeaturesApple iPhone 8
SpecsBattery Power8 : 2700
mAh 8 : 3300 mAhCamera
FeaturesAuto focus, Optical
image stabilization, rapid
charging, Wireless Charging,
3D-4K Resolution, Live
PhotoCamera – Primary14 MP
Primary CameraCamera – Front
Facing4 MP Front-Facing
CameraColorsSilver/Space Grey/
Gold/Rose GoldFeaturesOLED,
Gorilla, Eye Fingerprint Scanner,
Retina DisplayMemory
GBOperating SystemiOS 11,
upgradable to iOS 11.3.2Price
$1200 USD, 1069.38 Euro,
DateQ-4, 2017Screen
Display6.2” – 6.5” 4K screen
corning, retina
compass, dustproof, heart rate,
shockproof, SPO2,
Recording2160p @ 30 fps,
1080p @ 60 fps, 720p @ 90
fpsApple iPhone 8 Specifications
iPhone 8 DisplayThe display size
is increasing periPhone series.
So what to expect ?iPhone 6is
already here with thedisplay of
5.5 inches and 4.7 inches.
SoiPhone 7is expected to come
with a6-6.5 Inches displayat max
and the same would be with
theApple iPhone 8we think so.
Because if the size gets
increased even from 6 Inches it
would be falling into the tablet
category and not in the phone
category. Apple will never do this
so it is obvious to keep it to 6.5
at the most!Buy Apple iPhone 8
– Click HereSo thinking logically
the display is expected to be
of6-6.5 Inches.Appleis now
concentrating on theOLED
display, Instead of LCD display
this move can be a game
changer move for the company.
So, IniPhone 8 : The display will
come withGorilla Glass and
unbreakable glassto an extent.
This smartphone is expected to
be much better as compared to
the iPhone 7 series. But, let the
iPhone 7 come then we can talk
aboutiPhone 8 in details. Till
then, we can give you short
glimpse of the same.iPhone 8
CameraThe astounding features
by the coming Beast: The
camera ofApple iPhone 8, asper
the rumors is expected to be of
12 MP inIphone 7with a 4 MP
front facing camera. SoiPhone 8
according to the estimates and
trends is expected to have14 MP
main camera with 4 MP front
camera. That would be even
perfect for the selfies as well as
the vacation album! Apple never
compromises with the display as
well asthe Camera Quality.
Theiphone 8will show very
amazing quality for both. Apple
will surely add some extra to the
camera to make it more
awesome and interesting. On
whole the camera will be good as
per the expectations of the
device and as per the camera in
the previousgalaxy note
6devices. More is yet to be
revealed here in the coming
days!iPhone 8 MemoryApple
iPhone8is expected to come in
different variants as per the
previous launches and it will be
64 GB Variant, 128 GB Variant
but the glam will be 256 GB
Variant.iPhone 8 RAMIf we talk
aboutthe RAM of the device
“Apple iPhone 8” it would be 8
GB and the device would be very
powerful after being powered
with4 GB RAM.Buy Apple iPhone
8 – Click HereiPhone 8 BatteryAs
per therumors on the web,
iPhone 7 is going to be powered
with Li-On battery of 2500 mAh
so,Apple iPhone 8That would be
powering the device for around
18 Hrs on use on 3G. So “iPhone
8” will be giving the same of18
Hrs of usage on 4G. We are
hoping that apple will increase
the battery power that is much
needed on this device. That is
for like sure. The concept
images of Apple iphone 8 has
just ravished the eye and prove
the best to be