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How to Upload Videos to YouTube

Videos shared
the most popular
on YouTube. Currently
ayaleksa ranks
at the top of
the media is. Any
information from video
and music, movies, video
dhu hit all see
here. If you want, you
can upload the video
you can. Then upload
to keep in mind
that copies of the video will
not be. How to
upload YouTube videos
on how to
uphold the tutorial
is. The video that
you want to upload to
YouTube in accordance with the
that have been formatted
to be. AVI, 3GPP, MOV, MP4,
MPEG, FLV, M4V, WMV, webm
, etc. format supports
it. So the video to another
format if the
format to convert
to. Then YouTube
login ID that the
channel video
you want to upload the
channel will go.
Once at the top of the channel
will appear on the ‘upload’
button. Click on the button
should be. The computer’s
video is the drive
to the drive that
identifies the video
should be. Then
upload the video to
you. Full video
upload time
it will take to see that side of

Then the video
title, description, tags
, etc., set
to be. The
video is private if you want
to be on the right side of the
privacy options.
You can then save it
and no one else can see.
The latest full upload
process is finished,
click the Publish
to it. The link,
if anyone, or
one of the subjects in your
search if you watch the video
you can.Youtube Y

Android Root? Why and how to do the route? Android Routing good or bad?

Android users
around sabai
I think once the root
(ROOT) route
heard of the word.
There are many
great joy that root
Android phones
are fun, some may
know the
root is not, it does not eat
the head.
I’ll try as hard
as possible in
the development of Android,
this is important
to explain the aspects of
the routes?
Root / Root is the word
of the Linux
operating system
from users
Linux users
are the root privilege
or superuser privileges
to root, they
are called.
Android has created
a Linux
-based operating
Android devices
privileges means that the system
files, edit the
permissions of
the root of it
is not. It’s your
phone hack
also can tell.
Why does not contain the root?
Now the question is
why is the phone’s
administrator permissions
to be? Why will
delete a file
can not?
These are just some of the PC
you very much,
but some of the benefits of
the benefits / privileges
they do not. It is
for. Because
before you
in to whatever
is allowed
to see the
file you need an
will, but you just
wanted your phone
to increase memory.
U You can also customize
the ROM is installed, or
if you make a mistake, the phone
you can make.
At the end of
matter said. The
virus /
malware, some
may be in trouble. Because
privileges if you
so desire,
you can install the
malware on the
phone might catch.
Why do the route?
Root privileges if so
is risky
, then go to the root of
why? Because
the root of your
phone that
can do all
that imagination

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is Google’s
free space
in which to service
all your
management, prejentesanasa,
photos, videos klipasaha also
do a lot
to save safely
, and
others to share

If necessary,
change, modify,
add-Deletion and
save it.
Google Drive is a
secure and
private file
will work as.

The world that you
‘re part of
what you do, sitting there,
you have access
to any
mobile phone, including the
and other

If necessary, print
, and you can take.
Google Drive’s storage
as a free user
a maximum of 15 GB
free to
be able to use, the
you want to use
per month
per GB, 100 GB
USD $ 1.99
to a maximum of 30 TB
up to use

For some tips to charge smartphones

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends,
people I hope you
do well by the grace of God
there. Once again,
before you
have a new tune
‘re niyeasa
you’ll love
the younger brother of a mistake
as an excuse not to
think Admin. I
‘m starting to tune

1. Display brightness

, hold down the
many people it may
know and apply
it. And yet this
does not work, the
display luminance or
brightness to be reduced,
either. The laptop system,
tabs apply.
II. Black wallpaper
, use the
AMOLED screen
of the phone in black or
colored wallpaper using the
low costs of the charges.
screen is the cost of lighting
in different colors behind.
the colorful wallpapers
will be light cost
increase, with the charge that
will cost.

3. Low-power mode

if your phone
Android 5 decimal zero
or the next version of
the operating system,
if you
like forehead. The
phone charge 15 percent
less than when the operating
system is automatically
switched on when a low-power
is. Android
marsamyalo version
of the ‘dose’ as a
new feature. Smartphone
reduced charges when the feature
phone to
hibernation mode
for a long time, and
that remain unused
apps closed.

4. Lock screen

notifications Turn on the
Smartphone charged
saving Another good
idea is the lock screen
notifications are turned on
hold. It repeatedly
opened the lock to
see notiphikisena
not. As a result, low-cost charge
will be.

5. Apps off after use

will not close properly
due to the many different
apps is turned on, which
is not noticed by many.
In particular, GPS and
Wi-fai in case
it happens. And
if these two apps launched
quickly ran out of charge. So
at the end of the apps

6. Download apps and

apps to download and
update the Wi-
Fi connection to use.
Mobile data usage
will cost more than the charge,
would be even higher than that.
In that case, high-speed
Wi-Fi connection
, and quickly
download apps and
will be updated.
Low cost mobile charge
will be.

7. Turn on Airplane Mode

Smartphone Airplane
mode, all without
wireless features turned off
it. The phone’s charging lower

8. Use the battery

the smartphone battery
is broken when the original
battery, try to use
either. Your phone
will be good and the charge
will be for a long time.Tips

Take a look at your profile at Facebook Username / Url Create ayandraye not

Ladies and Gentlemen, how
are you
all? I hope
by the grace of God,
all is well.
All very much
the start of my

I tuned in today
Titile at the top of this:
many of
you know, today I
‘ll show you
how a Facebook
profile in
the Username / Url Create to do
with Android.

The first mobile phone
Google Chrome
to open the Menu, then
OK at the Request desktop site
To mark.
Go to now
and then
login account
on Settings, then
go to the General Account
Settings to
see the Username
on this at

Then, a
appeared in the Username box
you want to
, then that’s the case
Username is
available is written
, then Save
Changes and click on
Username will
be Create.

Stop washing your hands regularly with hyandaoyasa.

Our work
most of
the time outside of the house
is. Out
with two hands how we
do work

Many of the
attacks the illness
increase the risk of
that. This sickness away
wash their hands suggested
a variety of
some hand
soap for washing
want to use
or is not possible. The
using the hand
was clean.
But the use of hyandaoyasa
be good
or bad you know what it is?
use is to destroy germs
, but
as a result of excessive use of
side effects
, which are due to
cause health problems
may be.
Let’s do not know, however,
the additional
use of that
explains the problem of dry
skin hyandaoyase
is used in the
aisopropaila, ethanol
and Ni-
propanala it. The
dry skin
is. These skin
oil away,
dehydrated and
increases the risk. Skin
protection layers destroyed.
interfere with the work of many
is traiklosana.
This component of hormones
in the
obstruction. Super
growth of the relationship
exists. Super
bugs that are
bacteria and
viruses, which
or prevent resistance
Allergic skin creates
hyandaoyase chemical
is used.
label hyandaoyasera
that this type of
perfume ingredients
have been used. So
do not know in
what kind of
material your skin
is coming. Many aromatic
elements of the skin
that are painful and
is caused by allergies.
The immune
system is weak,
many of us
think that hyandaoyasa
the risk of the illness
reduced. But
the immune system is
does. One study
found that,
hyandaoyasa use
as a children’s
severely affected
are. Study
Daily is published.
in the extra
clean up the environment
where the child’s immunity
that reduces the
defense system,
constantly at war
remains, as a result
of their
weakened immunity.
These children
of their disease, but
to prevent
the weak and the
response to
the kind
that are sensitive to
different kinds
of diseases are at risk.