Android Root?

Android Root? Why and how to do the route? Android Routing good or bad?

Android users
around sabai
I think once the root
(ROOT) route
heard of the word.
There are many
great joy that root
Android phones
are fun, some may
know the
root is not, it does not eat
the head.
I’ll try as hard
as possible in
the development of Android,
this is important
to explain the aspects of
the routes?
Root / Root is the word
of the Linux
operating system
from users
Linux users
are the root privilege
or superuser privileges
to root, they
are called.
Android has created
a Linux
-based operating
Android devices
privileges means that the system
files, edit the
permissions of
the root of it
is not. It’s your
phone hack
also can tell.
Why does not contain the root?
Now the question is
why is the phone’s
administrator permissions
to be? Why will
delete a file
can not?
These are just some of the PC
you very much,
but some of the benefits of
the benefits / privileges
they do not. It is
for. Because
before you
in to whatever
is allowed
to see the
file you need an
will, but you just
wanted your phone
to increase memory.
U You can also customize
the ROM is installed, or
if you make a mistake, the phone
you can make.
At the end of
matter said. The
virus /
malware, some
may be in trouble. Because
privileges if you
so desire,
you can install the
malware on the
phone might catch.
Why do the route?
Root privileges if so
is risky
, then go to the root of
why? Because
the root of your
phone that
can do all
that imagination


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